Press Release

Statement from Alphabet Workers Union-CWA regarding NLRB decision reaffirming Google and Cognizant as joint employers of YouTube Music workers



July 19, 2023 5:46 PM

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“Today is a historic day for workers across industries. Finally, tens of thousands of vendorized workers will be able to hold major corporations accountable to their obligations towards workers. The NLRB has once again reviewed our substantial evidence proving that Google exercises control, directly and indirectly, over YouTube Music employees, including on things like our everyday work tasks, performance evaluations, benefits, timecards and more. Google attempts to distance themselves from workers like us by assigning sole responsibilities to contracting companies. This false divide benefits Google and other Alphabet subsidiaries by denying responsibility and culpability to workers, who spend their entire day working exclusively on Google branded products. Tech corporations like Alphabet rely on a split workforce of full time employees and thousands of contract workers who are denied the same quality benefits and pay that full time employees get, even when they are performing the same job. After overwhelmingly winning our union election we are eager to move forward and meet both Google and Cognizant to the bargaining table and secure our first union contract,”— Neil Gossell, Music Generalist and member of the Alphabet Workers Union 


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