About us

Google’s Motto used to be “Don’t Be Evil” – we are working to make sure they live up to that AND more.

Our Mission

Alphabet workers have power together

Our union strives to protect Alphabet workers, our global society, and our world.

We recognize our power as Alphabet workers—full-time employees, temporary employees, vendors, and contractors—comes from our solidarity with one another and our ability to collectively act to ensure that our workplace is equitable and Alphabet acts ethically.

We will ensure Alphabet acts ethically and in the best interests of society and the environment.

We are responsible for the technology that we bring into the world, and recognize that its implications reach far beyond Alphabet. We will work with those affected by our technology to ensure that it serves the public good.

We will use our reclaimed power to control what we work on and how it is used.

We will ensure our working conditions are inclusive and fair. There is no place for harassment, bigotry, discrimination, or retaliation. We prioritize the needs and concerns of the marginalized and vulnerable. Workers are essential to the business. The diversity of our voices makes us stronger.

Why We Organize

Alphabet workers have power together.

We recognize that our power as Alphabet workers comes from our solidarity with one another regardless of our employment classification.

Alphabet can make money without doing evil.

We must prioritize the wellbeing of society and the environment over maximizing profits. Alphabet’s guiding principle used to be “Don’t be evil.” Help us be Alphabet’s conscience.

We believe that all Alphabet workers deserve a voice.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and has the right to a welcoming environment regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, class, caste, country of origin, political persuasion, or religion.

Our People

Our power as Alphabet workers comes from our solidarity with one another.

Over a thousand
Union Members

Our power comes from members who join our pre-majority union to publicly build power in their workplaces.

Full Time
Staff Organizers

Our dues help us hire trained union organizers who train and help us to organize our coworkers.

Union Elected
Executive Board

Our elected executive board helps manage our member-led and member-run union.

Image of old Google+ logo on billboard
OUr History

From the start, Alphabet has had a culture of workers speaking up when the company made mistakes.

Alphabet has a long history of worker organizing at the company. Some efforts were more public than others. In every case workers banded together to create fairer hiring practices, to improve the security and privacy of our products, to stop unethical contracts, to call out sexual harassment in the workplace, to level the playing field for temps, vendors, and contractors, and to fight for racial equity in the workplace. Workers saw significant victories, but more roadblocks appeared.

Our History

More About Our Union

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Let’s come together, reclaim our power, and make Alphabet a better place for all workers.

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