Press Release

Alphabet Workers Union-CWA Statement Following Google News Layoffs



October 19, 2023 11:31 AM

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“Since January, Google executives have peddled the same narrative: the current economic conditions have forced the company to take drastic measures and slash the jobs of thousands of workers. After the initial 12,000 workers were fired on January 20, 2023 hundreds of other workers across Google have also received layoff notices. In the past months we’ve seen Google recruiters, Waymo workers and many subcontractors lose their livelihoods. While executives received nominal pay cuts to reflect these layoffs, their salaries far outpace worker pay. Yesterday, an estimated forty-five Google News workers were laid off, including individuals who support Google News' regulatory compliance. Workers had previously been informed that there would be a reorganization of the Google News team but that there would be no layoffs. Google continues to protect shareholders and executive compensation over workers. Our jobs are not safe when we do not have a voice in the workplace. We will continue to organize Google and Alphabet workers across the country so that we can win the job security we deserve as the workers behind Google’s success,” said Stephen McMurtry, a Google software engineer and member of the Alphabet Workers Union-CWA.