Protect our workers rights

The overturning of Roe v. Wade will not stop abortions—it will only criminalize working people choosing to exercise their bodily autonomy. Reproductive rights are worker rights! The SCOTUS decision is a direct attack against millions of working people—particularly low-wage workers of color, because those workers cannot access safe reproductive care. Those with resources will continue to access safe abortions.

Google announced that full-time employees—but not temps, vendors and contractors—would have access to relocation services and $5000 in medical coverage for out-of-state procedures, including abortion and gender-affirming healthcare for workers who live in affected trigger-law states. What this fails to address is the tens of thousands of Alphabet contract workers who are more likely to live in states with restricted abortion access and more likely to be underpaid compared to full-time employees. Additionally these workers are more likely to be people who can become pregnant and workers of colors. These are the exact workers that this SCOTUS decision will most harm. Alphabet must stand by its stated support of abortion access and work with their temp, vendor, and contract workforce to identify and offer the types of support that would best protect these workers.

Alphabet must also take proactive steps to defend the privacy of users who may be seeking abortion services or are simply searching for a way to support those choosing to exercise their bodily autonomy. Alphabet promising to delete location data simply does not go far enough to protect user privacy.